How do CardUp tax payments work?


It works the same way as other CardUp payments:

  • Sign up for a free CardUp account and complete your profile. Or log in here if you are an existing user.
  • Schedule your one-time payment and include your payment reference (Tax Reference Number/NRIC/FIN). For income tax, your payment reference will be pre-filled with the NRIC linked to your CardUp account. It is important to check that you’ve entered the correct payment Tax Reference Number/NRIC/FIN so your payment can be identified.
  • Please note that for larger payment amounts scheduled to IRAS, the CardUp team will get in touch with you after your payment has been scheduled as we require additional documents for verification.
  • Be sure to set up your payment at least 5 business days in advance of your payment due date. 
  • 5 business days before the due date you have entered, CardUp charges your credit card for your payment amount plus a 2.6% CardUp fee.
  • The payment will be securely sent to IRAS on the due date you have entered.

3 business days after your payment due date, you can log into your account on myTax Portal to check that the payment has been posted to your IRAS tax account.

If you have further questions or face any issues with your tax payments, please contact us here.

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