If you are receiving an invite


(1) What are CardUp credits?

CardUp credits refer to a discount off the CardUp fee.

For example, $20 CardUp credits will give you $20 off the CardUp fee on your payment. In this example, if the payment amount is less than $769.42, then the CardUp fee displayed will be $0. Any unused portion of the $20 CardUp credit will not be refunded or carried over to the next payment. If the payment amount is more than $769.42, the prevailing 2.6% fee will apply and the $20 credit will be deducted from the CardUp fee that’s displayed at the time of making a payment.

 (2) Where do I enter my promo code?

When scheduling your payment, you will see an option to enter a promo code after you have added/selected a card.




(3) Can I use more than one invite promo code on a single payment?

No, only one invite promo code can be used per payment and the invite promo code can only be used once. This allows you to redeem up to a maximum of $20 off the CardUp fee on your first payment.

(4) Why am I unable to use the invite promo code I received?

There could be a number of reasons for this.

  • You are an existing user who has made a previous payment (even if payments have been cancelled)
  • The promo code has been fully redeemed
  • You have used this promo code before

Please contact us if you need help.

 (5) Do I need to inform my friend (referrer) when I’ve used his/her invite promo code?

No you won’t, we will let him/her know. When you’ve used your friend’s invite promo code successfully (payment status on your dashboard shows “Complete”), your friend will receive an email with $20 CardUp credits via a referral success promo code. Your friend can also go to “View my referrals” section in their Account Details to track their referrals.

(6) Can I carry over any unused portion of my $20 CardUp credit to my next payment?

No, unfortunately any unused portion of the $20 CardUp credit will not be refunded or carried over to the next payment.


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