I’m not sure the rewards on my card justifies the 2.6% fee. Convince me.

Rest assured for many credit cards in Singapore, the value of the rewards gained will outweigh our fees.

Our Benefits Calculator will help you calculate the miles or cashback earned based on the credit card used and amount spent. Please also visit our blog for regular tips on how to maximise your miles and cashback versus CardUp’s fee.

To help you along, here is an example based on a miles card for your consideration:

We will assume 2 factors:
(1) Monthly payments of $5,000
(2) UOB PRVI Miles Credit card which has a yield of 1.4 miles/$

Spend (monthly): $5,000
CardUp fee (monthly): $5,000*2.6% = $130
Total spend (monthly): $5,130
Total spend (annual): $5,130*12 = $61,560

Miles earned: $61,560*1.4 miles = 86,184 miles
CardUp fee (annual): $130*12 = $1,560

With 86,184 miles you can redeem, for example, 1 return business class ticket to Japan, which costs approximately $4,000. In this scenario, the value gained far exceeds the $1,560 spent on CardUp fees.

Please note the earn rate of rewards on CardUp transactions are at the discretion of the card issuing bank. 

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